After your bronchoscopy

Recovery From Bronchoscopy

Common practice following bronchoscopy is to monitor patients as their sedating medicines wear off and they wake up. 

A chest xray is often performed to assess the state of the patient's lungs and look for any damage that might have been sustained during the procedure. 

In addition to noting how a patient feels after bronchoscopy, the recovery team will  monitor a patient's vital signs including oxygen saturation. 

It is customary for the physician who performed the bronchoscopy to discuss the findings of the bronchoscopy immediately after the procedure once the patient is awake.

Prior to leaving the hospital or facility where the bronchoscopy was performed, a patient or his/her guardian should be certain they understand what symptoms or signs could develop and which might signify the presence of a significant complication warranting an emergency call.

Analysis of specimens obtained during bronchoscopy often takes just a few weekdays.  If special investigations are performed they might require many weeks.

A bronchoscope can be inserted into the lungs via nose or mouth